What really happens to old clothes dropped in those in

Marketplace surveyed the labels aaa replica birkin hermes bag on retailers’ aaa replica birkin bag in store donation bins and found they include a number of reuse and recycling claims including phrases like “creating the new” that reviews hbags seem to imply old clothes will be made into new clothes.

Replica Hermes uk H has one of the most widespread donation bin programs. (CBC) Replica Hermes uk

The Swedish fashion giant details what it does with donations in colourful ad campaigns featuring messages like, “Shred it into fibres hermes belt replica and stitch into something new,” and “Let’s tear your jeans into pieces and make new jeans out of them.”

Customers are urged to donate “any clothes or home textiles that are no longer wanted or needed” so they can be “given a new purpose.”

hermes belt replica aaa More often than not though, that new purpose doesn’t mean being transformed into hermes bag replica a new piece of clothing, but rather being resold often in a country thousands of kilometres away from the point of sale. hermes belt replica aaa

That’s because actually recycling clothes into other textiles, particularly new clothes, is costly and difficult.

I:Collect, the company that handles the donations for H and several other major retailers, says about 35 per cent of what it collects is recycled and used for products like carpet padding, painters’ cloths or insulation.

Cline says it’s not a matter of simply turning “your old clothes into hbags hermes bags new Hermes replica Evelyne garments,” as another of H ads suggests.

Read www.hbags.ru more stories in our recycling series Join the conversation about recycling in our Facebook group That’s because many of our clothes are made of blended fibres, so they don’t break down easily.

When you recycle cotton and wool, for example, it diminishes the quality of the material, she says.

Hermes Handbags Replica “It weakens the cotton and wool strand and gives you a lesser product.” Hermes Handbags Replica

H own sustainability reports acknowledge the challenge. Of all of the material used to make its estimated half a billion garments a year, only 0.7 per cent is recycled material. Critics like Cline say they produce inexpensive trendy clothing that’s meant to be bought, worn and then quickly discarded for something new. (CBC)

hermes birkin bag replica cheap Cline is also skeptical about H motivations for its take back program. hermes birkin bag replica cheap

“The reason why H is focusing on textile recycling is because it’s an easy sustainability win for them. It doesn’t involve them changing wholesale handbags china their production model at all.”

She’s critical of so called fast fashion retailers, chains she says produce large volumes of cheap, disposable clothing.

Replica Hermes Bags About 85 per cent of unwanted textiles in North America end up in hbags hermes replica landfills which amounts to more than 11 billion kilograms a year. Replica Hermes Bags

Business model to blame? Claudia Marsales, Markham, Ont.’s senior manager of waste and environmental management, says the city north of Toronto banned textiles from its landfills because there was so much of it.

Like Cline, Marsales takes issue with fast fashion’s business model.

Claudia Marsales is senior manager of waste and environmental management for Markham, Ont., one of only two Canadian municipalities to ban textiles from landfills. (CBC)

Her city defines the term as “inexpensive, trendy clothing designed and priced to be bought, worn, then quickly discarded.”

perfect hermes replica She wonders if H recycling program is actually more about driving “foot traffic into the store” especially since the retailer offers a discount to buy more. perfect hermes replica

She says it would hermes replica briefcase take H more than a decade to recycle what it sells in a matter of days.

H says “vouchers are a way to show old textiles have a great value,” hbags reviews and can help “change the mindset.”

Technology gap The retailer’s website has extensive information on its sustainability program but no specifics on what happens to clothes from its donation bins.

The company says it has collected more than 57,000 tonnes of used textiles since launching the program worldwide in 2013.

Cecilia Brannsten, H environmental sustainability review manager, says the company doesn’t “want to encourage a throwaway attitude,” and that its clothes are high quality and made to last.